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Friday, Aug 19, 2022

5 Signs Of Deutsche Bank Collapse

Deutsche Bank, Europe’s second-largest bank, the biggest bank in Germany, one of the world’s ten largest banks by assets, and of course the bank for derivatives trading, is in huge trouble.
And of course, this matters: The International Monetary Fund was the first to warn about it as being “the largest net contributor to systemic risks” to the global financial system.  When Deutsche Bank Collapse will happen, the rest of the global financial system will shake and turn into an economic collapse.

There’s a simple rule When it comes down to Banking trouble: The louder someone in the government minister insists on TV that everything is just fine, the bigger the problem really is.

For instance, if a government minister says that everything is fine with a bank, you know it’s not. It’s terrible enough that a government minister should feel the need to say anything at all, so when he does, you know it’s a red flashing sign.

Deutsche Bank (which goes by the symbol DB on the New York Stock Exchange) could be a contrarian’s dream. But just because something is cheap and is down 84 percent doesn’t make of it a good buy. Dropping share prices signal a company that is in danger and stock market crash is on the horizon. 

So what’s wrong with Deutsche Bank? 
Well, everything is wrong with Deutsche bank. It is coping with adapting to a changed competitive situation where its business model and cost structure no longer make sense. Not to mention that tightened regulations have made the banking industry a nightmare of rules.

And as reported by the Financial Times, Deutsche Bank is facing a mind-boggling number (7,000) regulatory actions and lawsuits. Deutsche Bank is the most important domino in European's very shaky financial system. Loss of confidence in financial institutions can happen in hours, and once it’s gone, there’s virtually no way (other than a bailout) to get it back.  The Deutsche Bank situation generally is a serious concern, because we’ve seen what happens when a major global financial institution goes bust, and it did turn into a devastating stock market crash.

When Lehman failed, it nearly took down the entire financial system with it. Deutsche Bank is of similar scale and importance (you might argue it’s actually more substantial, though I think at that point it’s basically irrelevant - if you’re big enough to bring down the entire financial system, then you’re large enough. When Deutsche Bank Collapse will happen , at least in the same way that Lehman failed, then every other financial institution will face the same questions and economic collapse will hit the world.

One thing is for sure, and If Deutsche Bank collapses, it will cause the entire EU to implode.
 And if this happens, prepare for economic collapse, the likes of which this world has never seen. 

So can Deutsche Bank be the next Lehman?

A quick comparison of the stock charts of Deutsche Bank and Lehman Brothers looks like it may fail with a huge stock market crash (stocks going to zero) maybe around January 15, 2020. The parallels between Lehman Brothers and Deutsche Bank declines are alarming.

Deutsche Bank is dead. It is limping along and hoping to somehow fix itself, but it will not get the chance.

Scam world 659 days ago
Yeah, its a pretty pants article, with conflicting dates, hence why no one has commented on it .
As of typing, dirty deutsch bank is on the up.
I know of someone from this bank, has a stinking massive property in Surrey ,just sold two cottages on said land, and pays cleaners 13 measly pound an hour....dont evwn let the nanny live in .......the bank may collapse, but these dirty, aid and abetting employers, getaway with peoples cash.
Dirty people . Dirty morals, and stinking rich,only money, as they are high life criminals.
Robert Milfeld 705 days ago
And no one went to prison. If you or I went into a 7-Eleven and held up the cashier for $100 we would be in prison for armed robbery. These banksters make a trillion and get fined a billion.
N.N. 744 days ago
Can you please add a date to the article? I am reading this article in August 2020, with a prospective failure date for DB on January 15th, 2020. That doesn't make too much sense.


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