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Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022

World’s first inhaled Covid-19 vaccine introduced in China

World’s first inhaled Covid-19 vaccine introduced in China

The world’s first inhaled Covid-19 vaccine was introduced at a press conference in Hainan, China on Wednesday.
The inhaled vaccine was jointly developed by prominent Chinese vaccine developer Chen Wei’s team and the Chinese biotech company, CanSino Biologics Inc..

The research team had earlier recruited 130 people to conduct the phase-1 clinical trials on the China-made inhaled Covid vaccine, with its results published in an international medical journal - The Lancet.

The results show that the adverse side-effects in those who received the inhaled vaccine were significantly lower than those receiving the injected vaccines.

The researchers also said they are optimistic with this new type of vaccine which they believe is better than traditional injectable shots in terms of efficiency and convenience.

The higher efficiency may come from the way the vaccine enters the body, according to the researchers. It is directly inhaled through the nose, which mimics the natural infection of the respiratory virus COVID-19, and then it forms a mucosal immunity.

“Such immunity was not made possible in traditional injectable Covid jabs,” the researcher said.

Meanwhile, researchers told reporters that with the inhaled vaccine dosage being only one-fifth that of the injectable Covid vaccine, producers can make five times as many nasal spray vaccines under the same production capacity for injectable vaccines, which can contribute to speeding up vaccination in China.

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