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Saturday, Jul 24, 2021

Woman shares shaving foam hack to clean surfaces, mirrors and jewellery

Woman shares shaving foam hack to clean surfaces, mirrors and jewellery

Cleaning fans – we have something new for you to try.

One mum has shared her trick for cleaning surfaces, mirrors and even her jewellery.

Chantel Mila from Melbourne, who often shares hacks to get your home spick and span, has revealed one multi-faceted product – shaving foam.

The mum shared how she uses the item to clean lots of different things, which might be ideal for those who don’t want to use harsh chemicals in their home.

Chantel also shared it on her TikTok where followers lapped up the trick.

She uploaded a video where she applied generous amounts of the foam into a microfibre cloth.

She then rubbed it all over a bathroom mirror, shower surfaces and her wedding ring.

The result is a smooth and shiny surface, which Chantel says also resists finger prints for longer.

Apply a generous amount

‘Your new favourite cleaner is in your bathroom cabinet,’ she wrote on the post.

‘Buff onto mirrors for a streak-free shine and to prevent fogging (even after a shower!)’

Clean up your mirrors

Chantel applied the cream onto the surfaces before wiping them away. While she didn’t reveal what she used to wipe it off, you can probably use a clean cloth to do the work.

For the ring, Chantel added a small amount of the shaving cream before washing it with water.

It can also be used to clean jewellery

The video has been viewed more than 82,000 times with people saying they either want to try the trick or have already tried it.

One person wrote: ‘I’ve tried this and it definitely works on mirrors in the bathroom’.

‘I need this in my life so much!’ another added.

A third person said: ‘Thank you for this! I’ve been wondering how to defog my mirror and keep it streak-free!’


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