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Monday, Jun 21, 2021

Trump's last-day dilemma: stay and go to jail in shame, or flee to heroic exile in Israel

Trump's last-day dilemma: stay and go to jail in shame, or flee to heroic exile in Israel

The chances that Donald Trump will remain a free man after today is almost zero, regardless of any evidence of wrong-doing. Whatever is his final decision, President Trump has only until 12 noon today to make it.
For 4 tumultuous years, the MAGA Maverick has dodged and weaved to evade the impeachments, accusations and charges laid against him. Likewise, the Great Donald has shrugged off the deluge of criticism like water off a Florida duck’s back.

Characteristically and stubbornly, he has pressed ahead with his ever-more outlandish and egotistical agenda. Miraculously he has managed to stay always one step ahead of the law. Until today, when at noon the constitutional protections no longer cover the ex-President, and the legal shackles no longer hobble the officers of the law.

So at high noon for Trump it’s fight or flight time. If he stays to fight, there is no doubt about the outcome. He will be the ultimate loser, maybe the greatest ever. He faces many years in prison, if not life-time incarceration. Or he can choose flight – to the only country in the world that can offer him asylum without the risk of his later extradition. Trump’s choice is stark and for a logical person should be an easy decision. Imprisonment as a villain in America. Or freedom as a hero in Israel.

Trump will be welcomed in Tel Aviv as a hero, for real and good reasons. What Trump’s Administration did for Israel in the last 4 years, no American President managed to do in the last 73 years.

Israel is the only country on earth that the USA cannot sanction or challenge, if they refuse to extradite him or limit his financial activities. He can easily get honorable citizenship too, obviously.

And Israel is a place where he can do business, where he will be respected, and where his "idiosyncratic" style can be contained.

As for staying in a fully Democrat-controlled USA, America is the last place on earth where he can feel safe, comfortable and protected financially, and remain impervious to law-suit attacks ruled by Democrat judges.

While it leaves no party savoring the sweetness of absolute victory, neither does it leave anyone with the bitter taste of ignominious defeat.

It’s the best and cleanest outcome Biden-Harris could hope for.

It leaves ex-President Trump ensconced in the only safe haven on the planet after the Democrats have taken full control.

And it gives the painfully-divided American society the armistice it needs to convalesce and let the wounds heal.

TB 152 days ago
I see who ever wrote this article did not take responsibility and include their name.
Oh ya 152 days ago
Bullshit and it sounds Ike something Johnny poopers would write but the big question is why would NRP even post it? Whating for there reply
Scribbles 152 days ago
What a complete and utter load of crap. Who writes this? No one with good sense believes it. Too stupid for words!


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