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Sunday, Aug 01, 2021

What $1 Million Real Estate Looks Like In 25 Countries

US$1 million can get you many different types of homes. It could buy you a small apartment in Paris, or a gorgeous home in Australia with a resort-style pool and cabana seating area. For even less than you would pay for an apartment in Moscow or New York City, you could buy a gorgeous centuries-old mansion in Italy with art on its ceilings. But there might be nothing more impressive than the type of home a million dollars gets you in Thailand -- like a villa with direct beach access plus its own pool.
You can also live in luxury on a budget in South Africa-- we’re talking homes with four different living rooms, cocktail bars and infinity pools. In Berlin, that kind of money gets you a modern but fairly small apartment with a tiny balcony. But where do you think $1 million will get you the smallest home? Perhaps Russia? Or what about the United Kingdom? Each of these countries offers different climates and activities for you to enjoy-- like a villa in Switzerland with large terrasses that’s nestled in the mountains and prepared for snow. If that’s not your style, then maybe a condo in The Bahamas.

So, where would you choose to live if you could buy a million dollar home in any country? And where would you live the most luxurious life for the least amount of money? Click play and let’s find out what million-dollar real estate really looks like all around the world.

00:00 Intro
00:26 United States
01:02 Canada
01:32 France
01:55 Russia
02:26 Italy
02:57 Spain
03:27 Australia
03:56 South Africa
04:29 Netherlands
05:00 India
05:26 Switzerland
05:51 Finland
06:21 Germany
06:46 Portugal
07:16 United Kingdom
07:51 Belgium
08:23 Thailand
08:51 Malaysia
09:17 United Arab Emirates
09:51 The Bahamas

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