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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Wellcome extends its ‘Low Prices Locked’ programme in steadfast commitment to the community

Wellcome extends its ‘Low Prices Locked’ programme in steadfast commitment to the community

In light of the fifth wave of COVID-19 outbreak, Wellcome is extending its popular ‘Low Prices Locked’ programme to help the Hong Kong community weather these challenging times. Starting from 1st April, the prices of over 800 food and daily essentials will be locked for a minimum of 6 months, providing customers with stability, transparency, and protection against price fluctuations.
First launched in October 2020, the ‘Low Prices Locked’ programme reflects Wellcome’s ongoing commitment to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Hong Kong during the pandemic. In maintaining low prices for selected products, the supermarket chain gives back to the community by easing the cost pressure of daily essentials.

Amid the fifth wave of COVID-19, Wellcome continues to uphold its pledge to do its best in maintaining the supply of high-quality products at a low price. The ‘Low Prices Locked’ programme, therefore, will be extended for a minimum of another 6 months to help customers share the burden of economic hardship.

As Mr. Choo Peng Chee, CEO of DFI Retail North Asia, explains, “The fifth wave of COVID-19 outbreak has caused severe impacts on cross-border supply chain and the overall operation of the businesses. Hence, the prices of the food and daily essentials in Hong Kong experienced volatility and it has affected the entire economy, along with people's livelihoods. The situation has made it clearer than ever to us how important it is to maintain stable pricing and stock availability.”

“As an enterprise that prioritises corporate social responsibility and as a part of the Hong Kong community, we would love to contribute to the society through expanding and extending the ‘Low Prices Locked’ programme by maintaining the prices of over 800 products for another 6 months. We will review it again in the coming months,” he continues. “Even when the transportation and the raw material cost escalates, our price commitment to our customers will remain the same and we would steadfastly shoulder the cost pressures to do our part in combating the effects of the pandemic with our community.”

In particular, Choo expresses his gratitude towards Wellcome’s team members at the frontline, as they have been dedicated to serving the community throughout the pandemic. “Our teams in the sourcing, logistics and operation departments have worked round the clock to keep our stores in operation, while doing their best to secure the supply of daily essentials for the people of Hong Kong. With the commitment from all our team members, I feel reassured that we can play a part in helping to overcome the adversities with our collective effort,” he says.

Under the extended ‘Low Prices Locked’ programme, customers will benefit from a diverse array of over 800 food and daily essentials, including various fresh foods, dairy products, oil, rice, canned foods, snacks, and household and cleaning products. Best-selling items, such as Coca Cola, Vitasoy Pure Soyabean Extract, Lion & Globe Peanut Oil, Greatwall Chopped Pork and Ham, Meadows Bathroom Tissue, Swashes Disinfectant Wet Tissues, and Yu Pin King Thai Hom Mali Rice, are also featured.

Furthermore, to thank and support healthcare workers on the frontline, Wellcome is offering an exclusive discount of 50% off on selected products, along with other special promotions, for customers with a valid healthcare staff ID between 1st to 14th April.

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