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Friday, Oct 07, 2022

'Weird punter' arrested for shoving woman off light rail platform

A man who allegedly shoved a woman off a light rail platform in Tuen Mun on Sunday was described by his neighbor as a “weird punter.”
The man surnamed Yau, 33, was arrested by police for pushing a woman onto the railway track of Tai Hing (North) light rail station in Tuen Mun.

Initial investigations showed Yau did not know the woman, and could have carried out the random attack after he lost money in horse racing. The man is found to be a transport worker and has lived in Tai Hing Estate in Tuen Mun for around a decade.

When asked about the incident, his neighbor described Yau as a weird person who loves horse racing and football betting. The neighbor recalled that he turned the volume of his TV so high that he drew complaints.

“He kept shouting 'n! In!' inside his home,” she said, describing his devotion to football betting.

The neighbor recalled that Yau used to live with his mother, but they often quarreled and fought each other. His mother moved away after some time, leaving the son as the sole resident.

Yau often did not sleep and his friends would visit him late at night.

“It was as if he didn't need to sleep. I used to go out at 4am, and he was still up and said 'oh are you going to work?” The neighbor said.

Police received a report at 4.41pm on Sunday that a man pushed a woman off the platform when she was walking past him.

The woman fell onto the railway track when there was no train there. She suffered from neck and hand injuries and was sent to hospital.

When police arrived at the scene, the man had already fled.

At 7pm, staff of Ping Shan station found the man to have boarded a Tuen Mun Pier-bound train No 615 at the station. They alerted the train's captain and the police.

Later, police arrested the man at Ching Chung station. Officers said he was emotionally stable when he got arrested, and they will investigate his motivation for committing the crime.

MTR Corp said it is concerned about the incident and called upon passengers not to harm the others.

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