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Wednesday, Sep 23, 2020

Viral video clips show HK protesters swearing and jostling elderly man trying to leave Hong Kong airport

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at Hong Kong International Airport on Friday, chanting slogans and passing information to visitors. These protesters were seen harassing an old man and preventing him from leaving the airport, as the elderly man refused to accept the flyers they distributed.

A video of a group of young people jostling and swearing at an elderly man at Hong Kong’s airport on Saturday has gone viral online.

The clip showed several youths, believed to be protesters against the city’s now-shelved extradition bill confronting the man who witnesses said had earlier pushed aside a poster held by a young woman protester.

In other videos, the man was seen wheeling his suitcase toward the bus terminal with a yellow note on his back reading: “Black police plus triads equals to no law”


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