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Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022

(Video) Two dancers injured as big screen suddenly falls off at Mirror's concert

A big TV screen fell off during local boy band Mirror’s concert at Hong Kong Coliseum Thursday night at about 10.35pm, injuring at least two dancers.
The screen fell off when members Edan Lui Cheuk-on and Anson Lo Hon-ting were performing with a dozen of dancers.

The big screen lands on at least two dancers, according to videos filmed by the audience. It like a chopping block that landed on the head and neck of one dancer.

Ambulances arrived about 10 minutes after the accident. The injured dancers were rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, with one in serious condition and the other in stable condition.

One of the injured is the boyfriend of So Ching, who is a member of girl group Collar, also under MakerVille, according to the source.

The concert has been called off immediately as the horrified audiences were screaming when they witnessed the accident.

The band’s talent manager Wong Wai-kwan, better known as Sister Fa, who is the concert manager, made an announcement to ask the audience to leave immediately.

Worried fans earlier have started a petition calling on the organizer to improve stage safety after horrifying videos of shaky platforms and bridges.

As of 11pm on Wednesday, over 12,000 people have signed the petition.

During the third concert on Wednesday, the organizer cancelled dangerous moves and made several changes to ensure performers' safety during the show, including the installation of fences and the cancellation of performances on bridges.

The petition came after Mirror member Frankie Chan Sui-fai accidentally stepped off the edge of the stage when he was giving a speech, falling about a meter in front of the audience at the fully packed coliseum during the second show on Tuesday.

Chan managed to get on his feet immediately below the stage, assuring fans: "I'm sorry, I fell."

He later said on social media that he scratched his arm and had already seen a doctor after the concert.

On Wednesday, Chan had been arranged to give his speech on the ground instead of on the high platform.

Band members Anson Kong Ip-sang and Edan Lui Cheuk-on also almost fell off the stage on Monday night because of its complicated design.

The hexagon-shaped stage has six smaller triangular stage lifts on it, with part of the floor mirrored.

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