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Saturday, Sep 18, 2021

(Video) Man caught "diving” before the vehicle hits him

A video that went viral on the internet saw a man suspectedly “dived” in the middle of the road pretending he was hit by the vehicle, so that he could claim compensation from the driver.
Yet it seemed he failed due to his "poor timing".

According to the video uploaded to Facebook, the incident took place around 7.40am this morning on Fa Yuen Street in Prince Edward.

A man in an orange T-shirt and a pair of shorts looked like he was waiting to cross the road urgently with his eyes staring at the vehicle the whole time.

When the vehicle approached, he rushed forward and “dived” in the middle of the road long before the vehicle even touched him. He lied on the ground and touched the back of his head, pretending he was injured.

The driver then yelled at him, “Go away! My dashcam recorded everything. Go diving somewhere else.”

Knowing he has failed, the man petting his own head returned to the side walk. The driver warned the man not to play any tricks anymore and then kept driving.

Many netizens commented and said the man should improve his acting skills, while some said the driver should not let him get away and recommended calling the police.

Police said they didn't received any report regarding the incident. Officers also reminded the public to file a report when they encounter similar incidents, adding they will follow cases in a serious manner.

According to Road Traffic Ordinance, a pedestrian who in using any road negligently endangers his own safety or that of any other person commits an offense, and is liable to a HK$2,000 fine.

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