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Thursday, Dec 01, 2022

(Video) Jaywalking woman carting a fridge almost flattened by tour bus

A jaywalking woman pushing a refrigerator on a cart was nearly hit by a tour coach, according to a video circulating online.
The video, captured by a car camera, shows the woman crossing the road with the cart without checking for oncoming traffic.

The tour coach, approaching at great speed, hit the refrigerator. Fortunately, the woman abandoned the cart in time and ran to the roadside, during which she lost one of her shoes. She was not injured.

The video drew criticism for both the jaywalking woman and the coach driver.

A netizen left a comment saying I don't know which one to say good luck to (the woman or the tour bus driver)."

"(The woman) brushed off death and should know how to cherish life," another added.

Some slammed the bus driver for dangerous driving, saying that the driver "didn't slow at all" and "had no impulse to brake".

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