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Tuesday, Apr 13, 2021

Vaccine guidelines vague and general, doctor says

Vaccine guidelines vague and general, doctor says

The latest vaccine guidelines providing doctors with general principles on what conditions healthcare professionals should watch out for when giving the Covid jabs are vague and general, said Gabriel Choi Kin, President of the Hong Kong Medical Association.
The Centre for Health Protection yesterday said they have uploaded the interim guidance notes on common medical diseases and COVID-19 vaccination online for healthcare professionals’ reference.

An expert committee on coronavirus vaccinations yesterday also advised people with chronic illnesses to defer receiving the jab until their condition is under control.

Choi told a radio program today that what the Centre introduced is a “grey area guidelines”, having not listed detailed recommendations for doctors to take reference.

“It says patients who have symptoms or have very poor control of their chronic diseases should defer the vaccination until they have controlled their current illnesses, but the guidelines never explained what ‘controlled’ meant and until what condition can patients receive the jab once again,” he said.

“It will be hard for doctors to make pertinent comments and suggestions.”

The medical veteran also pointed out that hypertension is common in Hong Kong, it is impossible for private doctors to follow up on the patients in the long run, while patients at public hospitals or clinics may get their follow-up consultation only after three to six months time.

Choi even questioned why authorities have still not opted to stop inoculation for people aged 60 or above temporarily, given there are suspected adverse events after elderlies receiving the Covid jabs.

“It is essential for the government to restore people’s confidence in the Covid vaccines, providing solid proof that the adverse events have nothing to do with the vaccines,” he added.

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