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Wednesday, Jul 06, 2022

Upward-mobility mood slips for the young

Upward-mobility mood slips for the young

Around 52 percent of the people believe there aren't enough upward-mobility opportunities for young Hongkongers, while over 63 percent found such chances had declined compared to a decade ago.
The survey of 706 respondents aged 18 years old and above, conducted by the Chinese University 's Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, also found that 32.7 percent regarded the opportunities as "in between" and only 10.7 percent thought there were enough of them.

In comparing the situation now with 10 years ago, 23.9 percent also thought opportunities were similar while just 9.1 percent said they had improved.

"The results might reflect that the young lack the confidence in their career expectation in Hong Kong," said assistant director Zheng Wan-tai.

"High-paying careers are concentrated in emerging technology and financial services industries, making the young face greater competition for jobs after graduation," Zheng said.

Over whether the young would have better chances if they pursued careers in the mainland, 41.4 percent said "half-half," 29.8 percent said no and 19.4 percent yes.

As for foreign countries, 48.3 percent said the chance of them doing so was "half-half," 23.2 percent said they wouldn't and 15.1 percent would.

"It's reasonable for some youths to feel concern over working in an unfamiliar environment," Zheng said. "But we should not ignore that some youngsters think they still have more opportunities."

Zheng said that job opportunities and policy support should be given to young people. "Besides, it would benefit the domestic social mobility in Hong Kong as well since more young people seek job opportunities outside Hong Kong."

About the meaning of upward mobility, 34.4 percent think it was "more wealth and a better career," followed by "higher quality of life" for 29.1 percent, "higher education level" for 17 percent and "stronger influence on society" for 6.4 percent.

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