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Friday, Feb 26, 2021

UK and Australian Citizenship to unhappy Hong Kongers it's a Win-Win for everybody

UK and Australian Citizenship to unhappy Hong Kongers it's a Win-Win for everybody

E. Bach
The latest announcements of UK and Australia that are happy to provide HongKongers with UK or Australian citizenship is wonderful solution. Hong Kong citizens that are not happy with the new China's security law will have from now an alternative, thanks to the UK and Australians governments. This will solve the problem.
The unhappy Hong Kong citizens can move to countries that although have even much tougher security laws, but also admittedly a few redeeming features that Hong Kong does not have - like affordable housing, as an example.

China will subsequently - and obviously- revoke the Hong Kong citizenship of the departing, using a law that many countries have prohibiting dual citizenship.

Hong Kong will keep those citizens who are proud and happy to remain in Hong Kong, obviously with being part of their motherland, China.

And the UK and Australia will enjoy gaining a new type of fresh, tech savvy, young and modern-minded citizens.

This is a great opportunity for the UK and Australia to replicate the success stories of countries such as USA, Singapore and Australia itself. They also started as emigration destinations for all the wanted and the unwanted, and became powerful and respected nation states, a status that at list most of them enjoy until this very day.

Finally - that's a great deal for Hong Kong and both types of Hongkongers.
Happy? Stay. Unhappy? You are welcome to be happy elsewhere - a privilege that is no longer exist in this anti-immigration world.

A win-win!

MarkT 236 days ago
While exporting those stupids Is good for HK, what’s in it for UK? Thank you but no thank you. Keep your “fresh young” idiots in HK.
Britush Hypocratus 236 days ago
Exporting the rioters to UK might be a good move that can help UK to Finally become a democracy Instead of No. 10 controlled by privileged non elected Lords controlled by opium dealers.
Mata Hari 236 days ago
By now, everything has already been said about the National Security Law but not everyone has said it. Since everyone insists on saying something, we can expect the diarrhoea of comments to continue.


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