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Friday, Jan 21, 2022

'Two Sides of a Lie', piecing together a mystery

'Two Sides of a Lie', piecing together a mystery

Two Sides of a Lie by journalists Elaine Chan and Lee Jeong-ho is a tale of a Hong Kong journalist's struggle to unravel the truth of a pro-democracy protester's suspicious death amid the city's political turmoil and its increasingly fragile relationship with its political master, China.
It is a chilly September evening when the body of a young pro-democracy protester surfaces in Hong Kong's eastern Yau Tong Bay. The local police quickly conclude his death as accidental drowning, but fellow protesters believe it is part of a dark ploy by the authorities to quash the political movement.

James Lai, the Han Herald's senior reporter, is assigned to investigate the mysterious death. Unbeknownst to him, the assignment is a front created by his editors to shift the narrative against leaders in Beijing, unnerved by the intensified public opinion.

James can only trust his own journalistic beliefs and dogged reporting to piece together the mystery and bring the story to life. Nonetheless, the answers he uncovers of the conspiracy are more sinister than he could have imagined.

Two Sides of a Lie is both the authors' first novel.

Chan is a journalist and writer covering Asia and Greater China. She was the Shanghai bureau chief of Bloomberg News and had written and edited for the likes of the South China Morning Post and the Associated Press. While growing up in her native Singapore, she also trained in Western art and painting.

Lee is a journalist and writer covering East Asia and the Korean peninsula. He has written for Bloomberg News, the South China Morning Post and News1 Korea. Lee grew up in South Korea and Australia. He had also worked as an officer in the South Korean Air Force, before becoming a journalist.

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