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Sunday, Jun 26, 2022

Two 'Midnight Children' among five New Year's babies welcomed by HK

Two babies born at midnight are among the five New Year's babies welcomed by Hongkongers as the city embarks on a new chapter in 2022.
Three are baby girls, born in private hospitals, and the other two are baby boys, born in public hospitals.

The happy news doubled up for Hong Kong Adventist Hospital in Tsuen Wan where two New Year's babies were born there at midnight.

The two are both surnamed Lee, weighing 2.8kg and 2.4kg respectively. The first baby was delivered through natural labour, while the second baby through caesarean delivery.

Mrs Lee, who gave birth to the 2.4kg baby girl, was excited as she held the crying little baby by her arms. She and her surveyor husband are both civil servants, and this girl, nicknamed Gilly, is their second child.

Their firstborn is another girl, aged one and a half, with the nickname Guru. Mr Lee joked that together the two would be called “GillyGuru”, a Cantonese slang that means unclear murmuring that others cannot understand.

Mr Lee also hoped his two daughters will love each other and they won't fight over the same boyfriend in the future.

Another Mrs Lee, who gave birth to the 2.8kg baby girl, also felt glad for their family stepped into the next stage of their life by welcoming their firstborn. Her husband also thanked her for her toil in delivering a fine and beautiful baby.

The third baby girl was a minute late in joining the two “Midnight Children”. She was born at 12.01am at Saint Paul's Hospital in Causeway Bay and weighed 2.45kg.

The fourth New Year's baby is a boy, born at 12.30am at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Yau Ma Tei, weighing 2.9kg.

The last one is also a boy, born at 12.39am at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin, weighing 2.87kg.

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