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Sunday, Aug 14, 2022

Two hikers sent to hospital after boar bites their legs

Two hikers were sent to Eastern Hospital after they were bitten by a boar at Tai Tam Country Park on Hong Kong Island Wednesday afternoon.
The attack occurred around 1pm today as the woman surnamed Lee, 34, and her male friend surnamed Chiu, 60, were taking some rest at the Quarry Gap barbecue site during their hike.

Three wild boars showed up and one of them – about 1.5 meters in length – suddenly charged at Lee and sank its teeth into Lee's thigh on the right.

Panicking Chiu called the police for help and tried to disperse the boar on his own. Yet, the boar also bit Chiu's calf on the right before it fled the scene.

The biting boar was gone when cops responded to the scene. Medics also arrived and sent the duo to Eastern Hospital, who walked into the emergency room by themselves.

Officers from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department were later mobilized to the scene to search for the biting boar.

This is the third boar attack that takes place at Tai Tam Country Park within six days.

Two women, aged 43 and 42, were sent to hospitals after encountering an attack by wild boars on Monday and last Friday respectively.

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