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Thursday, Jul 29, 2021

The University of Hong Kong cuts ties with student union

The University of Hong Kong cuts ties with student union

The University of Hong Kong said on Friday that it'll stop providing financial management services to the student union as well as offices and facilities for its operation after accusing the union of repeatedly making inflammatory and potentially unlawful public statements and unfounded allegations against the university.
The university said it will also stop collecting membership fees on behalf of the student union and may take further actions if necessary.

“The Hong Kong University Students’ Union has become increasingly politicized in recent years, utilizing the University campus as a platform for its political propaganda,” the statement wrote.

“The undertakings of student union have compromised the mutual trust established over the years, to the extent of undermining the overall interests of the University and tarnishing its reputation.”

The university stressed that the university is not a safe haven outside the law, having the responsibility to safeguard the collective interests of all its members including staff and students.

“It is not acceptable that the HKUSU, an independent student organization, disregards the University’s advice and the overall interests of the HKU community while taking advantage of the services and facilities offered by the University,” the statement read.

The university also claims that the student union’s actions bring legal risks to the University, which is imperative for the university to clearly define the legal responsibilities of both parties.

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