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Sunday, Sep 19, 2021

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University spotlights 11 student design projects

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University spotlights 11 student design projects

A genderless fashion brand and a reef burial system are included in Dezeen's latest school show by students at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Also included is a project that encourages eating 'ugly food' as a means to prevent waste and an app that promotes mindful eating.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

School: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design.

School statement:

"The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has been an important hub of design education and research for Hong Kong since 1964. The school is leading in Asia and 20th globally on the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) art and design rankings.

"Academic programmes are offered at bachelor, master and doctoral levels in highly diverse design expertise including Product Design, Communication Design, Advertising Design, Digital Media, Interior Design, Environment Design, Social Design, Urban Design, International Design and Business Management, Design Strategies and Interaction Design.

"The school provides a well-equipped teaching and learning environment in the Jockey Club Innovation Tower, a landmark building designed by the late Zaha Hadid."

ISOASIS: An Oasis in Isolation by Stefanie Leung, Jin Chan, Steven Leung and Amber Chan

"ISOASIS is an integrated project that aims to create a sustainable, holistic and user-centred quarantine experience through interior, product and communication design systems.

"The project envisions a quarantine system based beyond the physical needs of the users, transforming quarantine into a mentally rewarding experience.

"Specifically, it explores chromotherapy as a method of improving the wellbeing of the users. It reconnects humans and nature by reimagining the colours of the changing skies and natural landscapes as interior lighting and furniture designs."

Student: Stefanie Leung, Jin Chan, Steven Leung and Amber Chan
Course: BA(Hons) in Communication Design, BA(Hons) in Product Design and BA(Hons) in Environment and Interior Design
Tutor: Scott Chin, Horace Pan, Yi Teng Shih and Roberto Vilchis
Email: stefanieseesdesign[at]gmail.com, csj.jinchan[at]gmail.com, stevenleung127[at]hotmail.com and soneming0530[at]gmail.com

Never Be A Regular by Ho Wai Leung, Kei Him Chan, Lok Tung Chan, and Ning Sum Ung

"To raise awareness of the benefits of 'ugly food,' the team created an integrated campaign to raise the audience's awareness of the issue and change their consumption behaviour.

"By naming the campaign 'Never Be A Regular', the team highlights the message towards the audience to embrace themselves with diverse food. A speculative client, City Super, is introduced to bring the issue to consumer attention.

"Through the advertising campaign (including graphic design, video production, exhibition design, etc.), audiences understand the issue from a different perspective.

Student: Ho Wai Leung, Kei Him Chan, Lok Tung Chan and Ning Sum Ung
Course: BA(Hons) in Advertising Design, BA(Hons) in Social Design, BA(Hons) in Communication Design
Tutor: Ken LI, King Chung Siu and Stefan Sonntag
Email: tamamakenny1997[at]gmail.com, kevinshadow007[at]gmail.com and clttung[at]gmail.com

Project 2121 KIRSCH Speculative Religion Experience Design by Yung Tsz Chiu Luke

"This project studies the behaviour of new religious forms of the future. Since digital data is developing rapidly, rituals change. The designer has created new tools and experiences for people to worship together."

Student: Yung Tsz Chiu Luke
Course: BA(Hons) in Product Design
Tutor: Lee Chi Wing
Email: chiuytc[at]gmail.com

Omnom by Chang Pei-Chi Peggy

"Omnon is a smart dining service and product system tailored to fit the next generation of elderly care homes. The system aims to connect key stakeholders in the care home system through data digitisation, enhance interaction quality and safety through design intervention and decrease safety hazards through ingestion performance monitoring and tracking.

"The Omnom is made up of five components: a wearable neckpiece for monitoring, an application for data digitisation, a spoon for serving, a tray for personalised care and a trolley for smart catering."

Student: Chang Pei-Chi Peggy
Course: BA(Hons) in Product Design
Tutor: Brian Lee
Email: peggychang.cpc[at]gmail.com

Masculinity Uncensored by Lau Cheuk Yan

"There are a lot of boundaries in our society regarding what a 'manly man' should be. Hong Kong is still conventional in terms of gender identities. This is a local genderless fashion brand called 'Ponder.er' which explores the possibilities of modern masculinity.

"Afterwards, a campaign was launched. Visual metaphors of various animals that demonstrate masculinity are presented as key visuals for the campaign."

Student: Lau Cheuk Yan
Course: BA(Hons) in Advertising Design
Tutor: Francis Hung
Email: s211696112[at]gmail.com

Moderno Asclepeion by Wong Tsz Shun Jessie

"Today, our fascination with technology, media, beauty, material goods and work has reached an obsessive level. We dedicate time and attention towards them to the degree that is similar to worshipping, making these ideologies our newfound religion.

"Asclepions were Ancient Greek establishments where believers seek spiritual and physical healing from Gods in their sleep. Borrowing this concept, this project explores the possibility where a hotel becomes a worshipping space for our new religions to portrait modern values.

"The project is inspired by Piranesi's imaginary prisons. His drawing methodologies are extracted and used to reinterpret religious architecture interiors with hospitality programmes."

Student: Wong Tsz Shun Jessie
Course: BA(Hons) in Environment and Interior Design
Tutor: Gerhard Bruyns
Email: jtswong[at]yahoo.com.hk

The Brighter Day by Chick Chi Yu and Choi Chok Ming

"This art project explores a man with depression who has wounded his hand. He helps a wounded woman, binding her hand before snatching her bandage away and fixing it around his bleeding hand instead."

Student: Chick Chi Yu and Choi Chok Ming
Course: BA(Hons) in Digital Media
Tutor: Adam Wong and Sau Ping
Email: emmachick0831[at]gmail.com and ccming0320[at]gmail.com

InMinder by Lam Hiu Yu Yuki and Ho Kwan Kit Jason

"Many office workers working in a fast-paced environment do not fully relax outside of work. This project investigates mindful eating. Our app aims to help users to understand their emotions and bodies.

"Mindful audios guide users to conduct mindful eating. The mindful mat is an interactive device that can detect the weight loss of the food by using a weighing pressure sensor. Everyone can establish different meanings through the mindful mat.

"After each mindful exercise, we provide information such as eating speed for users to reflect their personal growth."

Student: Lam Hiu Yu Yuki and Ho Kwan Kit Jason
Course: BA(Hons) in Interactive Media
Tutor: Huaxin Wei
Email: 2020yukilam[at]gmail.com and jforhodesign[at]gmail.com

Enbar – Moderate Drinking With Great Delight by Leung Chun Ting

"Enbar is a solution to enrich people's drinking experience. It is an app equipped with a virtual character and is designed to be intuitive, entertaining and atmospheric."

Student: Leung Chun Ting
Course: BA (Hons) in Interactive Media
Tutor: Kenny K. N. Chow
Email: anthonyL.design[at]gmail.com

Life Cycle: Reef Burial by Rongxuan Liang

"Due to resources, it is vital to create new burial methods. Reef burial is a new method in which ashes are sealed into reefs.

"These reefs not only represent a person, but also become the cornerstone of marine life. Under the bedding of the reef burial, an artificial coral system can be established."

Student: Rongxuan Liang
Course: MDes Urban Environments Design
Tutor: Alvin Yip
Email: rongxuan.liang[at]connect.polyu.hk

Next Page of Reading by Tsui Tsz Hoi

"Over the last few decades, with mobile devices and internet everywhere, the publishing industry is suffering. But is the value of books and publications underestimated? This report explores how young adults in Hong Kong see and value reading and the future of books.

"There are four sections in the report: the value of books, discovering the past, defining the present and anticipating possible futures, provide comprehensive studies on the development and possibilities of books from past to future, through design and strategic thinking, to foresee the next page of reading."

Student: Tsui Tsz Hoi
Course: MDes Design Strategies
Tutor: Jörn Bühring
Email: tthbryan[at]gmail.com


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