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Friday, Dec 02, 2022

People are furious at the abortions verdict (me too!). But now they are publicly threatening to harm the lives of the judges. And this is the beginning of the end.

Physical harm to judges who have ruled outrageously should never be an option. Never. Anyway, a judgment that deprives a woman of her exclusive right to her own body has no binding legal validity, because the jurisdiction of a judge ends where the personal, private, exclusive area begins. So nothing to be excited about. This is just a meaningless ruling, like the ruling that stated that the world is flat. “E pur si muove“ ("And yet it moves", Galileo Galilei). And yet, women will continue to be the sole owners of their bodies and have abortions if that's what they want, regardless of the irrelevant opinions of judges on this subject.
Naturally, judges in every court across the world are not able to please everyone all of the time. No matter what they decide, there will always be those who will be happy with their verdict and those who are not.

This is the frustration of the world of judgment. For every satisfied customer that the court manages to produce, it automatically also produces another frustrated, sad, angry and resentful customer.

This is definitely a bad system of so-called “Justice”. It fails to produce natural justice for all, as it’s designed only to force social order, not Justice.

It is not a system that was built to truly identify who is guilty and who is innocent, but rather to determine who had more money for a better lawyer.

This is not a method that reduces crime, since the more trials and prisoners there are, the more crime society have, certainly not less. It is merely a method that ensures that police officers, wardens, prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges will always have a lot more business, which costs the public so much more money, but does not provide them with peace, security or justice.

Public peace and security is the opposite of the interest of this greedy food chain. Its role is to sell revenge rather than justice. Punishment instead of rehabilitation. A short term of security illusion in exchange for long-term violence, poverty and social disorder.

They make their living from problems, not from solutions. They are “solving” damage caused to one, by causing additional damage to another. Funny wigs, or a Batman-style robe does not hide this primitiveness, but, rather, it emphasizes the detachment of this primitiveness from reality. Their livelihood depends on the hope that there will be more and more crimes and, God forbid, not that crime will stop.

Their wealth and well-being is accumulated only for as long as the public have more and more problems, not less.

And, of course, the blame should not be placed on the lawyers who control this anti-social and unjust business. “It’s only the 99% of the lawyers who give the whole profession such a bad name”.

But we do not have a better system. So we must respect and protect it.

The threats we hear now as a result of the abortion verdict, to harm the lives of judges because of annoying, outrageous and unjust ruling, is crossing the border into hell. Attacking the judges is a dangerous, immoral and wrong response that no public can afford to tolerate.

It’s breaking one of the fundamental elements of the social contract, that stability for us all is dependent on.

It does not solve the real problem of outrageous ruling, but rather turns civilization into a jungle.

The price of enduring a problematic judicial decision is far lower than the terrible consequences of violating the social order provided by the court's illusion of justice.

Yes, judges are neither smarter nor more honest and do not have any better sense of justice than each and every one of us. But respecting their decisions, even when they are annoying, is our social duty. Not for them, but for us.

Today they may rule contrary to our position and tomorrow they will rule in our favour. This is the casino-roulette whose results we should all respect even when it is not to our liking. As long as a ruling is not contrary to the supreme rules of natural justice, it obliges us all. Similarly, even in a case where a ruling violates human rights, it is forbidden even just to to think about harming judges.

The only thing allowed is to violate the unjust ruling, because justice is always above the law, but never to physically attack the judges.

So obviously every woman should be allowed to have an abortion and every doctor is therefore obliged to help her (if it is her wish). And the judges opinion and verdict in this matter has no legal validity, because it violates the exclusive rights of the individual on his or her body, which is located in a territory that is outside the jurisdiction of any court: the private zone.

So a Supreme Court ruling on abortion is not binding, of course, but protecting the safety and security of judges even when they rule contrary to our opinion is the vital interest of us all.

Nothing should allow us even to think about causing physical harm to judges as a reaction of a controversial verdict. God forbid. Nor should we spill the baby with the dirty bath water.

We should not abolish the general authority of the court to continue to make a social order, just because this particular ruling is outrageous and invalid.

Bottom line:

1. Justice is above the law.

Human rights are not subject to laws. The laws are subject to human rights.

2. Private matters are in a territory outside the court jurisdiction.

Every person has the exclusive right to his, or her, body. The opinion of a judge in such a matter is not important and invalid.

3. Protecting the safety and security of judges even when they rule contrary to our opinion is one of the highest public interests of us all.

It is necessary, important and appropriate to put judges in jail who convict innocent people, or those who commit crimes against human rights in their verdicts; because those who demand accountability must also set a personal example. There is no greater deception than that of those with double standards who force others to sanctify rules which they themselves are exempt from.

But such judges must not be physically harmed or denied their right to a fair trial. Their role is essential to society just as the role of a garbage cleaner is so essential to our lives.

4. The American method by which a judge must undergo such an intrusive public inquiry on television as a condition of his appointment, is the best method in the world for appointing judges.

However, a system where a judge serves for a lifetime, when the public has no authority to collect enough signatures to get rid of him, even when the judge clearly turns out to be dumb, corrupt or cruel, is a system that suits a totalitarian state, not a democracy.

In a democracy, the will of the people eliminates the whim of any public servant.

5. The validity of a Supreme Court ruling, which prohibits women who became pregnant as a result of rape from aborting the pregnancy left by the rapist, is void. It has no binding validity as it’s violating the natural sense of justice, and in a personal territory that is outside the judge's jurisdiction.

Forcing a rape-victim to give life and motherhood to the poisoned fruit of her rape is a verdict that is, in fact, a continuous-rape for life - this is much worse than a one-time rape.

6. The Supreme Court is only supreme in the legal hierarchy, but it is obviously below the humanity hierarchy where human rights are supreme, above an opinion of judges, whether it’s a Republican or Democrat, or any other type of a lawyer who found a job as a judge.

7. Doctors must be loyal to the Hippocratic Oath and save every woman from the life sentence the rapist and the judges think she deserves as punishment for being raped.

And if your religion claims otherwise, throw your God to hell, because it is not the real God but the devil who disguised himself as God.

Treetopflyer 200 days ago
The issue at hand is federal government overreach, this decision merely rolls the back the individual States in which Georgia and Texas define life as beating heart and have exceptions rape and incest, my personal belief would put it at egg fertilization. Using Abortion as birth control is Premeditated Murder.
The Author 207 days ago
Thanks Sid. This is a good but irrelevant question. As long as the fetus is an integral part of the woman's body, it is outside the territory in which judges and state laws are allowed to intervene.

As long as the fetus is in the womb life is not his but hers.

We must also beware of radicalism and religious fanaticism. God never forbade abortion. Jesus never claimed that abortion was forbidden. And the pope who claims this anyway has never presented any evidence that God or Jesus authorized him to speak on their behalf and to invent in the name of God or Jesus laws that they never thought of and never claimed.

What's more, the theory of protecting life before it actually lives has the potential for fanaticism that only grows as one surrenders to it. Tomorrow men will also be banned from masturbating, and women will be banned from using contraception because these too are pre-lives who are murdered every day in huge quantities. So where is the end? When is a person free to decide exclusively on his body without bureaucrats living at his expense controlling his life?

The people have not elected the judges and are not empowered to remove them from their job, so they are not part of democracy but only an element of bureaucracy.

The Supreme Court is not superior to the human rights and is merely superior in the legal-system hierarchy. Just as the Premier League is a premier only in the football league and not in all areas of our lives.

A judge's ruling is valid only as long as it does not cross the border that violates human rights.

Human rights are above the law and not the other way around.

A judge represents only the law, not the justice. Every individual has the full right to practice his or her human rights, and judged permission are not needed for that.

The opinion of judges elected by politicians whom the general public does not trust anyway is far less important than the opinion of the politicians themselves.

This verdict is, after all, another poisoned fruit of dubious and forceful politics, who forget that they are there to serve and not to dictate, a politic and a verdict which does not reflect the will of the people, so its VOID.

The ugly idea that forces a woman to continue with a pregnancy that she does not want and forcing her to give birth to a child that she does not want crosses the line of what a judge in a democratic state is allowed to do.

Judgments of this kind have all the elements of tyranny and dictatorship and zero elements of democracy.

In fact, the final verdict has not yet been handed down, and the hero who leaked that verdict apparently saved the judges from drowning in a pit they dug for themselves.

I hope the public debate on the issue before the final verdict is handed down will force them to change the outcome and bring back the insane Catholic tyranny it reflects back in the bottle.

This genie has no place in the modern times. It belongs to the Dark side of the Catholic history, of the Middle Ages, the Inquisition and the Crusaders.

We have enough of the Catholic modern sins, pedophilia and money laundering, we should not add to this also religious violence against the woman's body.
Sid 207 days ago
What about the life they kill with the abortion? Does that life count?


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