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Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

Teens get glimpse into work of firefighters

Some 70 teenagers from three secondary schools gained first-hand experience in firefighting and first aid through an experiential day organized by Fire & Ambulance Services Teen Connect, a new uniformed group established by the Fire Services Department in December.
The uniform group held the event at the Fire & Ambulance Services Academy in Tseung Kwan O last month but the information was only released yesterday. During the event, youngsters took turns to wear the 3.9-kilogram firefighter suit and take part in a simulation.

The teen group has recruited 120 members now and the number is expected to increase to 300 next year.

The experiential day was one of the activities provided by the Fire Services Department for the teen group and allowed them to get a glimpse of the daily work of firefighters.

On the experiential day, the department arranged various activities ranging from cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the operation of automated external defibrillators.

Students found that mastering first aid skills is important. "Learning CPR is a useful skill for the future," said one FAST Connect member Allie Cheng Ho-ying, adding that she especially enjoyed learning this skill.

The teens also learned the basic concept of the Chinese-style foot drill, watched a performance of the department's guard of honor and attended a flag-raising ceremony.

Although practicing the foot drill was tough in the summer heat, said Wayne Yau Pak-hei, another member of FAST Connect, he cherished the learning opportunity.

"[During the] Chinese-style foot drill, I felt really tired practicing under the sun. But it was all worth it," he said.

The training sessions are new for some of the members. One member said: "the CPR was quite a new activity to me because I had never done it before, like the Chinese-style foot drill," adding: "the experience did increase my interest in becoming a fireman and an ambulance man."

Michael Yung Kam-hung, vice president of FAST Connect, said to enrich members' learning experience, the department will provide more activities in the future, including visits to different fire and ambulance units as well as educational activities on community emergency preparedness.

"We will be able to reinforce their learning experience, enhance their sense of national identity, help them cultivate positive thinking and hopefully achieve a career orientation effect," Yung said.

Apart from the activities held in Hong Kong, the department also plans to arrange exchange programs for members through visits to the Greater Bay area.

"They can gain first-hand experience of the opportunities in the Greater Bay area and learn more about our motherland," Yung said.

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