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Saturday, Sep 18, 2021

Teens between 12 and 15 to get jabs as soon as mid-July

Teens between 12 and 15 to get jabs as soon as mid-July

Teenagers aged between 12 and 15 are expected to get their jabs as soon as mid-July, according to Ivan Hung Fan-ngai, a member of the Covid-19 vaccine expert committee.
Data revealed that only around 1.24 million people in the city have received the first dose of vaccine since the vaccination programme commenced.

Hung said in an online talk that the government may lower the age for the vaccination programme starting mid-July, allowing kids aged between six and 11, and teenagers aged between 12 and 15 to get their shots.

He also referred to arrangements of the US, Canada and Singapore, allowing teens between 12 and 15 to receive BioNTech jabs. The phase 3 clinical research of vaccination for kids between six and 12 in Europe is in progress now, Hung added.

He stressed that the vaccines won’t affect the receiver’s body and DNA. Mostly people will develop slight side effects after vaccination, which will last for one to two days at most. Hung said the situation of getting Covid-19 vaccines is similar to that of getting flu vaccines.

He advised the public to consult doctors first if one is allergic to the vaccine or other medicines.

There were some 150 cases regarding vaccine allergy handled by public hospitals and only one person was determined as unfit to receive the vaccine by a doctor, Hung also pointed out.

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