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Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021

Teachers bullying children of police parents can be stripped of teaching qualification

Teachers bullying children of police parents can be stripped of teaching qualification

Nine cases related to teachers bullying students whose parents are police officers had been reported, with the Education Bureau warning that teachers doing so could be stripped of their teaching qualification.
They are among 25 cases involving children of police officers being bullied at schools recorded as of late March.

Also of the 25 cases, 16 are related to children of police officers who received “uncoordinated” remarks or responses from fellow classmates.

The bureau said teachers involved in the cases could be slapped with a fine, warning letters or letters of condensation as well, with respect to the seriousness of the cases.

It said schools related to the cases had taken disciplinary actions against relevant teachers and students.

“The bureau has reminded schools to pay attention to students who are likely to be bullied at various time slots, especially students whose parents were police officers who enforced the law during social unrest in 2019,” it said.

“The schools have also been reminded to pay attention to if these students are also getting along with other students and provide support as appropriate.”

On students-initiated bullying, the bureau told schools to guide the students into reviewing their actions and build solutions to the matter.

“The bureau will send counselling personnel to the schools as appropriate,” the bureau said.

The bureau added that it alongside the police force had established a notification mechanism, and would help children of police officers switch schools if necessary.

“Among cases involving children of police officers who have to transfer schools, the relevant parents are satisfied with the arrangement," the bureau said.

"Some children are willing to stay behind in the original school after parents have communicated with the school."

Hospital Authority is also looking into 43 cases involving staffers allegedly mistreating police officers, lawmakers were told.

Among the 43 cases are complaints against services arrangement, attitude and communication of staffers.

The authority said they had handled 42 of the cases, adding that they would handle the disciplinary of staffers with relevant mechanisms.

“We will roll out punishments in accordance with the seriousness of the matter, including counselling, the issues of verbal warnings, written warnings as well as dismissal,” the authority said.

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