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Tuesday, Dec 06, 2022

Teacher arrested for false reports of school abuse

Teacher arrested for false reports of school abuse

A female teacher at a special school was arrested for falsely reporting faculty abuse of students due to dissatisfaction with her work.
Police announced today to arrest of the 48-year-old teacher of Hong Chi Pinehill No.2 School on Monday on suspicion of publishing anonymous letters falsely claiming to be a student’s parent and reporting that her child was being abused by the school.

In October this year, the Education Bureau said it received complaints from parents that revealed long-period physical child abuse accidents in the school, including faculty tying up children's hands and suffocating them by putting a towel over their faces, with video clips attached.

The involved school, Hong Chi Pinehill No 2 School, released a statement afterward to deny the mistreatment, saying receiving parents' contact to clarify the misconduct toward children by teachers was not true.

After several investigations, officers found that the abuse allegations were exaggerated and false. No child abuse was detected as officers investigated around 19,000 hours of the school’s camera surveillance footage from June to August this year.

The video clips attached to the letters, which claimed to record the children's abuse scene, were found to have been made four to eight years ago.

"We noticed that the content of the anonymous letters was directed at the school’s management board," said the police, "we believed the person who wrote the letters was dissatisfied with the school’s staff."

The arrestee, who has been working as an English teacher in the school for more than 10 years, is now detained with police finding a computer and a printer in her office, which were believed to be used for making the anonymous letters.

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