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Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

Taxi trapped in cement in Kennedy Town amuses netizens

Taxi trapped in cement in Kennedy Town amuses netizens

A taxi driving through Kennedy Town became bogged down in a pool of cement this morning, prompting comedic comments from amused netizens.
Police officers received a report at 11am on Tuesday that a taxi had mistakenly driven into a pool of wet cement laid down by road construction teams on Catchick Street and could not get out. No injury was reported.

From a video clip showing the incident, a truck towed the taxi out of the cement pit after the police arrived at the scene, along with workers using hoses to rinse down the cab.

The taxi driver told police that he didn’t see the signs warning of the construction as a bus had been blocking his view.

Netizens made jokes in comments on the video clip describing the trapped taxi as “performance art.”

According to the Transportation Department, the suspended road service at the scene was already back to normal by the time the taxi was towed away.

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