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Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021

Takeout trouble: chashu becomes luncheon meat

With the pandemic locking many within the confines of their homes, ordering takeout has certainly blown up in popularity. A netizen has recently shared an amusing anecdote of the woes of ordering takeout - the bowl of Japanese chashu ramen he ordered turned out to be noodles with spam.
The netizen stated he ordered a HK$79 bowl of Japanese chashu ramen and a HK$64 serving of cheesy baked broccoli with butter from a restaurant in Fortress Hill. With the 40 percent discount he received for ordering takeout, the total came out to be HK$85.8.

After he got home, the “chashu” was revealed to be two slices of luncheon meat, while the “cheesy baked broccoli with butter” featured a few slices of broccoli atop a pool of melted butter.

The user has since requested a refund from the restaurant, and has also reported the incident to the Consumer Council on grounds of violating the Trade Descriptions Ordinance.

The post soon sparked heated discussion online. One user commented, “HK$85 for a slice of spam?”, while another joined in on the teasing saying “Both spam and chashu are pork, suck it up!”

Soon after the incident, a review of said restaurant resurfaced in which a customer complained that the foie gras from a foie gras French toast he had ordered was smaller than a one dollar coin.

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