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Saturday, Dec 03, 2022

Taiwan to open to Hong Kong and Macau on Nov 7, tour groups capped at 40 travelers

Taiwan to open to Hong Kong and Macau on Nov 7, tour groups capped at 40 travelers

Taiwan announced on Thursday that it will open to visitors from Hong Kong and Macau starting Monday next week (Nov 7), but they must come in groups of between five and 40 people and register via travel agencies recognized by Taiwan authorities.
They can stay in Taiwan for 15 days at most.

Taiwan had allowed overseas arrivals to visit the island without undergoing quarantine from October 13, but tourists from the two SARs and the mainland could not benefit due to national security reason.

In a statement released Thursday, Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council said the measure came after the local and overseas pandemic developments remain stable, and there is more room to relax the weekly entry cap.

The measure also applies to visitors from Hong Kong and Macau who are seeking white-collar jobs on the self-ruled island and those coming for religious purposes, as well as mainland students.

The council continued they will gradually adjust entry measures for visitors coming from Hong Kong, Macau, and the mainland to ensure national security and protect citizens' rights while striking a balance between economic development and Covid concerns.

In response to media inquiries, Hong Kong travel agency WWPKG's executive director Yuen Chun-ning said they are still waiting for Taiwan authorities to roll out more details, like whether the groups must include a tour guide or travelers can apply for the entry and exit permit online.

He wanted the measures to be as simplified as possible but believed Taiwan would want travelers to be taken good care of in case they catch Covid or get into an accident.

Yuen also believed many Hongkongers would flock to Taiwan as it was the third most popular destination before the pandemic, with over one million visitors yearly.

Yuen added that WWPKG is also designing guided Taiwan tours of four to five days at about HK$2,000, where citizens can enjoy cuisines in Taipei and take a hot spring bath.

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