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Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

Summer travel in the offing for nearly 80pc of residents as Tokyo tops the list

Summer travel in the offing for nearly 80pc of residents as Tokyo tops the list

Nearly 80 percent of Hongkongers intend to travel abroad between June and September, with Tokyo at the top of the list for potential destinations, according to a survey conducted by travel-booking website Expedia.
The platform surveyed some 1,000 Hongkongers aged between 18 and 45 who had traveled overseas at least once in the past three years. The findings revealed that 51 percent had already booked air tickets or overseas accommodation for the summer.

Another 28 percent said they have plans to travel during the next few months.

Overall, 89 percent said they were "very interested" or "interested" in traveling overseas in the coming months.

Nearly half said they feel safer and more confident in overseas travel now due to factors such as the relaxation of immigration controls and vaccination.

"It is clear from the survey findings that there is a strong desire for international travel, with many expressing an interest in going big this summer," said Lavinia Rajaram, Expedia's head of public relations in Asia.

Rajaram added that compared with another survey Expedia conducted in December, the previous more abstract desire for travel has taken the form of concrete travel plans for many. Respondents aged between 36 and 45 were found to have the strongest desire for summer travel, with 62 percent saying they have already booked a trip. Of those aged between 18 and 25, only 26 percent had booked a trip this summer.

Of those who have a trip planned, over a quarter said they were prepared to spend HK$15,000 during their travels, a figure higher than travelers from other Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

Additionally, Japan was frequently cited as a preferred travel destination, with Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido all listed among the top five most preferred destinations.

The survey also revealed rising demand for local getaways, with 80 percent saying they intend to enjoy a staycation in Hong Kong.

Over 60 percent said they have already booked a stay between June and September while almost one third said they intended to shell out for as many as three staycations in the coming months.

Expedia's data corroborates this surge in demand for staycations, with searches for local accommodations rising by over 30 percent in June compared with May.

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