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Wednesday, Nov 25, 2020

State of Emergency in New York with at least 76 coronavirus cases

Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasted the federal government, claiming the state isn’t getting enough money or tests to fight the virus.
New York is the latest state to declare a state of emergency as the COVID-19 outbreak spreads, joining California, Washington, and Florida in taking similar action.

The action by N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo will allow the state to hire more health care workers and quickly stock up on supplies, as some of the usual purchasing and hiring protocols will be waived. The number of cases in New York state jumped to 76 as of Saturday, up from 44 on Friday.

“We are testing aggressively,” the governor said Saturday. “We want to find positives,” he added, noting that it’s better to know who is infected, so that they can be isolated and the spread of the disease can be slowed. The governor said the state has conducted “hundreds” of tests but didn’t offer more details. On Friday he said that the state can test 500 samples a day, and he hopes that number can increase to 1,000.

As of Saturday, there were roughly 4,000 people in the state under self-quarantine due to risks of exposure to the virus; 2,700 of them are based in New York City.

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