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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Some 3,000 drivers in Kowloon City and Tsuen Wan fined

Police on Monday and Tuesday issued nearly 3,000 fixed penalty tickets in an operation tackling illegal parking in Kowloon City and Tsuen Wan.
In Tsuen Wan, some 1300 tickets and two summonses were issued in the two days, while seven vehicles causing serious traffic congestion were towed away.

In Kowloon City, 1,450 drivers were ticketed on Tuesday, with seven vehicles being towed away.

The force said the operation was to ensure public safety and smooth traffic flow.

The police Mobile Video Team was also deployed to target other traffic infringements.

In addition, police also issued 28 summonses in Kowloon City on illegal road crossings and biking.

The police reminded that the public should cross the road with legal crossing facilities, and always follow the traffic lights and pay close attention to the road conditions.

They will continue to take appropriate enforcement actions regularly against various pedestrian or traffic violations to ensure the safety of road users.

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