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Saturday, Jul 24, 2021

Smart Contact Lens: The Trillion Dollar Cyborg Revolution

Smart glasses may be the hot topic when it comes to the combination of technology and eyewear, but a new startup is focusing on bringing contact lenses into the conversation. Mojo Vision, a California startup, unveiled a smart contact lens that creates an augmented reality (AR) display in a user’s field of vision.
Just like other smart glass models, the contact lenses will offer a display with notifications and notifications. Users can “click” or interact with information by focusing on specific points.

“Mojo has a vision for invisible computing where you have the information you want when you want it and are not bombarded or distracted by data when you don’t,” Chief Executive Drew Perkins said, as reported by Yahoo Finance.

The startup emphasizes the Mojo Lens isn’t just “cool tech,” but a device that can be life-changing for those with visual impairments. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its approval to test the contacts to aid people with visual impairments, such as macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa.

The Mojo Lens is designed to provide overlays that augment sight for people with low vision, possibly helping with mobility, reading and other functions commonly affected by poor vision.

Because Mojo Lens’ are rigid contact, they eliminates the bulkiness that usually comes with smart glasses and other headsets. Currently, the contact lenses transmit and receive information wirelessly through a portable relay box that can clip to a belt. Mojo Vision aims to link future models directly to a user’s smartphone.

Back in 2014, Google announced plans to create smart contact lenses, also targeted for healthcare. However, it has since been shut down and Mojo Vision hopes to pick up where they left off.

There’s no set date for a commercial launch.

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