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Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022

She knew I had two other wives: says Gambian man in murder trial

She knew I had two other wives: says Gambian man in murder trial

A Gambian man appeared in court for his murder trial, saying he quarreled with his Filipino wife about his two other wives before she died.
Touray Ousainou, 39, was charged with murder. He turned himself to police on April 10, 2019 after he found his wife Adele Melano Cuyacot, 40, dead when he woke up from a fight.

Defending himself in the High Court today, Ousainou said Cuyacot knew he had two other wives before they got married. He also said she didn't ask him to divorce the two other wives when they got married in a mosque in 2019.

However they argued a lot over the two other wives after they got married, Ousainou pointed out. The couple was also fighting over this issue at that time of the incident, he added.

He said Cuyacot sometimes slapped or even punched him when they argue. But she acted more rigorously on that day – she punched his chest and head, and even bit one of his right hand fingers for over a minute, according to Ousainou.

Ousainou said he pushed Cuyacot away only to free himself from her. He added he went to sleep after the argument and Cuyacot was still conscious without any bruise on her body by that time. However, he found his wife dead when he woke up.

The prosecution then said Ousainou killed Cuyacot on that day by covering her mouth and nose. Ousainou denied the accusation repeatedly and even once cried. The judge then dismissed the court for a short while for him to calm down.

According to Ousainou, he met Cuyacot in 2015. At that time she already knew Ousainou was holding a recognizance form issued by the Immigration Department, meaning he was not allowed to work in Hong Kong, and that he has two wives.

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