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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Sharp Island trampled by Easter crowds 'at risk of sinking'

Sharp Island trampled by Easter crowds 'at risk of sinking'

Hongkongers continued flocking to outlying islands, beaches and parks on Easter Sunday, as netizens share photos of hikers filling up the small Sharp Island in Sai Kung to the point that it could “sink”.
Large crowds had swarmed to Central piers this morning to get to Lamma Island, Cheung Chau, and Peng Chau. Parents lined up with their children, waiting to get to outlying islands to enjoy the sunshine and get some fresh air.

Photos shared on social media last Friday show hundreds of people flock to Sharp Island, which is around 15 minutes by boat from Sai Kung city center.

Some of the visitors even camped on its narrow beach. One photo shows about 30 camps being set up, and hundreds of people stayed in the area.

While the island is famous for its tombolo which appears when the tide subsides, the strip was trampled on by so many visitors that netizens worry it would “sink”.

The visitors “outnumbered rocks”, and the island was more crowded than Mong Kok, they joked. Others were worried the lack of social distancing may lead to another wave of the epidemic.

Authorities stressed that the local situation of Covid-19 infection is still severe. They strongly appeal to the community to continue to comply with the social distancing measures, avoid going out and refrain from participating in crowded activities or gatherings in order to lower the risk of virus from spreading in the community after Easter holiday.

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department yesterday said it stepped up inspection and enforcement in combating breaches of anti-epidemic regulations in various crowded country parks.

Three fixed penalty notices were issued to people who fail to wear masks, and officers took enforcement action against 49 people suspected to be involved in illegal camping or use of fire in country parks.

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