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Saturday, Jul 24, 2021

Scoundrel arrested in To Kwa Wan for kicking people into traffic

Scoundrel arrested in To Kwa Wan for kicking people into traffic

A 60-year-old pedestrian was hit by a van after he was kicked by a scoundrel into a road with running cars.
The attacker was then arrested.

The incident happened at the junction of Kowloon City Road and Ma Tau Kok Road in To Kwa Wan, at around 8 am today.

The pedestrian surnamed Mak was waiting to cross the road and was suddenly kicked into the traffic by a scoundrel from the behind. The van on the road couldn’t stop in time and hit the pedestrian.

Medics later arrived and sent the 60-year-old to hospital. Police came as well but the suspect fled already.

Two witnesses then followed the man into a restaurant on Ma Tau Kok Road and called the police. Still the police arrived too late at the restaurant and the man was gone.

The police then patrolled the surrounding area and arrested the man at Kowloon City Pier.

The man earlier in the day assaulted two secondary school students similarly, yet the two students didn’t report the event and left in a hurry after. He also attempted to attack another witness but was stopped.

This is the second time that pedestrians are being thrown into traffic in two months. On February 16, three office ladies, aged from 26 to 38, were attacked from the behind and were pushed into the traffic. They ended up in hospital.

After investigation the police arrested a man two days later. He pleaded guilty to three charges including inflicting grievious bodily harm and was sentenced to a 4-month hospital order.

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