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Friday, Aug 19, 2022

SAR will be governed in a 'brand new style'

SAR will be governed in a 'brand new style'

Hong Kong will develop a "brand new Hong Kong-style" capitalistic and democratic system that will follow neither western nor mainland models under one country, two systems, said Wang Zhenmin, vice chairman of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macau Studies.
During yesterday's seminar in Beijing on Hong Kong's democratic development under one country, two systems, Wang said while the central government will take the lead on Hong Kong's democratic system, it will not adopt the mainland model.

Anti-China forces colluding with foreign forces have been sabotaging Hong Kong's democratic development by promoting Western democracy, Wang said.

"The entry of anti-China forces into the Legislative Council and Election Committee, and the possibility of an anti-China figure becoming chief executive, will lead to a total collapse in governance," he said.

Therefore, Beijing had to implement the national security law and electoral changes after the 2019 anti-fugitive bill protests to get one country, two systems back on track, according to Wang.

"Hong Kong's democracy under one country, two systems will neither be in Western style, nor will it be in mainland style. It will be a brand new capitalist and democratic system with Hong Kong characteristics."

Wang added that to Beijing, Hong Kong's development has to be democratic but the regime should also be in safe hands, free of foreign forces.

Hong Kong should also be democratic with good governance, while the executive and legislative branches should check and balance each other, as Wang said Beijing does not want a democracy without supervision and that constructive criticism is needed at all times.

Hong Kong's democracy should also be helpful in economic and social development, while elections should be teeming with diversity, he said.

In the same seminar, association chairman Xu Ze said Hong Kong will become chaotic if its democratic system cannot safeguard the principle of "patriots administering Hong Kong."

Xu said "the chaos in the past few years was caused by lack of consensus in major political and legal issues in the city. Some social elites harbor misunderstanding and prejudice to one country, two systems, providing ideological weapons for anti-China forces."

Lau Siu-kai, also vice chairman of the association, said that Hong Kong's democratic development must not harm China's interests.

"Western and pro-Taiwan independence influences have been expanding in the city in recent years, causing social instability and deep-rooted confrontations, and therefore Hong Kong's democracy has to be reconstructed to support a healthy and steady development," Lau said.

Zhi Zhenfeng, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Social Science, said the Sino-British joint declaration signed before the handover of Hong Kong in 1997 did not ever mention "democracy" and "universal suffrage."

Zhi said "Hong Kong's democratic development should be led by China, based on the Basic Law, with the National People's Congress standing committee setting out a system arrangement as the right track."

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