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Monday, May 17, 2021

RTHK journo, host of "The Pulse” resigns

RTHK journo, host of "The Pulse” resigns

Yvonne Tong Yeuk-wun has resigned as RTHK reporter, according to sources.
Tong was a reporter for RTHK television department and was the host of English news program “The Pulse”.

Tong once interviewed Bruce Aylward, assistant director-general of the World Health Organization in “The Pulse”, on whether the management of WHO would reconsider the membership status of Taiwan.

The show then attracted comments from pro-establishment organizations. Ta Kung Pao said Tong was advocating “Taiwan Independence” and Chinese newspaper Global Times mentioned the interview as well.

Edward Yau Tang-wah, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, doubted the show violated the One-China Principle and the Charter of RTHK.

Yau also said Leung Ka-wing, editor-in-chief of RTHK and Director of Broadcasting should be responsible for the concerns raised. Yet after assessment RTHK denied that the show was in violation of those principles.

In February, Dot Dot News, controlled by the Liaison Office, accused Tong of accepting free services offered by Mandarin Oriental Hotel and breaching the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance.

Tong then replied and said she paid for her stay and other services. She visited the hotel again in January as compensation for she wrote a letter of complaint earlier.

Tong emphasised that she didn’t receive any bribes.

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