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Sunday, Aug 01, 2021

Retired man pleads guilty for throwing petrol bomb

Retired man pleads guilty for throwing petrol bomb

A 63-year-old man pleaded guilty after he was caught throwing petrol bombs at a police quarter in March last year.
Wong Kam-chuen, aged 63, admitted to attempted arson with intent, possession of corrosive substance and possession of instrument fit for unlawful purpose at district court today.

The incident happened at around 2 am on March 23, 2020. Wong showed up at Sheung Shui Disciplined Services Quarters and locked the south gate with wire. He then ignited three petrol bombs and threw them into the quarter, setting fire to the ground and a private car.

Wong then escaped the scene. The event was witnessed by an officer within the quarter, who wished to make the arrest but was delayed by the locked gate.

The incident was reported and another officer patrolling the area arrived. He spotted Wong who was running away and made the arrest.

After Wong was subdued, the officer found a lighter on him, and a bottle of drain cleaner and a hoe on his bike.

Wong’s representing lawyer said Wong only wished to delay the chase by locking up the gate, knowing that no one was inside the guard post by the gate.

He wasn’t trying to block people’s fire escape, according to the lawyer.

Yet judge Clement Lee disagreed and said families of police should not be troubled.

The lawyer added that Wong’s emotion was deeply affected by the conflict between teenagers and the police from the news. He understands that his actions are wrong and is ashamed of it.

Wong’s sentence will be announced tomorrow’s morning.

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