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Wednesday, Jun 23, 2021

Residents refusing quarantine may face legal consequences

Residents refusing quarantine may face legal consequences

Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan Siu-chee warned residents that there may be legal consequences for those who refuse to undergo the 21-day quarantine in the quarantine center.
This came after some residents from Royalton in Pok Fu Lam refused to be sent to quarantine center and requested to undergo the 21-day quarantine at home, as a domestic helper there caught the mutated virus.

The government announced last Friday that all residents of a building will be sent to a quarantine center if a mutant strain variant case is detected within.

Chan said in a radio program that the situation was not ideal. She also warned that residents may have legal consequences to face if they refuse to follow government’s quarantine arrangement, adding that relevant departments are now handling involved legal issues.

Chan emphasised that everyone is equal in their places when fighting the pandemic and encouraged the public to cooperate with the government.

Chan pointed out that government’s quarantine arrangement is backed by science as well. The government has enough facilities for the arrangement and there is extra manpower for monitoring the situation, according to the health chief.

Earlier the government also said that the length of quarantine for fully vaccinated people will be shortened starting the upcoming Wednesday. Chan said that the government will study reports from different countries in order to verify the vaccination status provided by individuals.

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