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Sunday, Jul 03, 2022

Reservoirs open to anglers year-round at HK$33

Reservoirs open to anglers year-round at HK$33

Starting Thursday, anglers could enjoy all-year-round fishing at reservoirs for HK$33 after applying for a license.
Anglers were generally only allowed to fish in reservoirs from September 1 to March 31 of the following year. In April last year, the Water Supplies Department launched a pilot scheme to allow anglers to fish in the Plover Cove Reservoir and the Tai Tam Group of Reservoirs throughout the year.

The expert consultant assessment indicated that relaxing the restriction showed no appreciable impact on the reservoir environment and water quality, as well as the species and quantities of fish inside the reservoirs.

Therefore, the department decided to relax the fishing period starting tomorrow, given the reliability and safety of the water supply should not be affected, to allow anglers enjoy fishing in 17 reservoirs and nine irrigation reservoirs throughout the year.

Anglers wishing to fish in local reservoirs must apply for a license from the WSD. Citizens aged 13 or above can apply for the license, which is valid for three years, at a fee of HK$33.

The WSD reminded anglers and other visitors to keep water gathering grounds, catchwaters and reservoir areas clean, not to litter or throw rubbish or objects into the reservoirs, and to avoid activities such as water play, swimming, washing or ritual release of animals.

Polluting the reservoirs and other waterworks mentioned above is an offense. Upon conviction, the offender is liable to a fine of up to HK$50,000 and two years in jail.

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