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Wednesday, Dec 01, 2021

"Professional" camp wins Law Society election

The “professional” camp has won all five seats in an election by Hong Kong Law Society, the city's largest lawyer body.
The winners are Careen Wong Hau-yan, Jimmy Chan Kwok-ho, Ronald Sum Kwan-ngai, Tom Fu Ka-min and Justin Yuen Hoi-ying, all from the “professional” camp.

The society representing solicitors boost a membership of 12,000, among which thousands voted in the election for five seats at its governing council yesterday.

There are a total of 20 members in the governing council, and an election is held every year to replace five members.

Eleven candidates joined the election yesterday, including five from the “professional” camp, four from the “liberal” camp and two “centrist”.

Those considered to be in the “liberal” camp were Jonathan Ross, Denis Brock, Selma Masood and Henry Wheare. Ross, however, announced on Saturday he would “withdraw” from the race.

The remaining two were centrists Tong Wai-lun and Nadine Lai. They have worked with Wheare in the same law firm, and are considered to be favoring the liberal cause.

After the election, the liberal camp will have a total of six seats, while the professional camp will have 14 seats.

“We have common vision and decided to put ourselves forward,” Wong said after the election results were announced past midnight.

She said the five faced unprecedented challenges and a politicized society, but did their part hoping to unite the profession and to uphold professionalism.

She thanked for the support received and looked forward to serving society members.

Law Society chairwoman Melissa Pang congratulated the winners and said the election has been fair and just.

Hong Kong lawyers are fearless and will continue to speak on important issues. The body has been cooperating with the govenment for years, and made a lot of contributions, she said.

Last week, Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said the government may cut ties with the society if it gets involved in politics.

"If the Law Society’s professionalism is trumped by politics, the government will consider cutting ties with it," Lam said.

Voting results below:

1) Denis Brock 1952
2) Jimmy Chan Kwok-ho 3405
3) Tom Fu Ka-min 3385
4) Nadine Lai 286
5) Selma Masood 1880
6) Jonathan Ross -
7) Ronald Sum Kwan-ngai 3302
8) William Tong Wai-lun 255
9) Henry Wheare 1926
10) Careen Wong Hau-yan 3373
11) Justin Yuen Hoi-ying 3346

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