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Thursday, Oct 28, 2021

Primary school kid feels "very happy" for getting BioNTech jab

Primary school kid feels "very happy" for getting BioNTech jab

A group of students from a primary school in Fanling arrived at a vaccination center and got their BioNTech vaccine shots today.
The government earlier lowered the age limit for receiving the BioNTech vaccines to 12. Youngsters can get their jabs in vaccination centers in the city since last Tuesday.

Students from Fanling Government Primary School arrived at the community vaccination center in Lung Sum Avenue Sports Centre around 3pm. Accompanied by parents and teachers, they traveled to the center on designated school bus arranged by the government.

They stayed at the center for an hour, during which Christine Choi Yuk-ling, under secretary for education was spotted inspecting the vaccination progress.

Ho Mei-lin, headmistress of the school, said there are 55 students aged 12 or above that can get the jabs. This trip saw 17 of them came to get the jabs, as well as a parent and eight teachers and staffers.

A primary five student surnamed Wong said he was “very happy” after getting the vaccine shot. He pointed out that the vaccine could protect him and his family members. Wong added that he was not afraid of side effects.

Wong's mother also said she was not concerned even her son didn't undergo any body check. She had gotten the vaccine herself before and she felt safe regarding the arrangements of the school.

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