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Monday, Oct 25, 2021

Police investigate sex tape of trio allegedly posing as officers

Police investigate sex tape of trio allegedly posing as officers

Police suspect an online sex video involving three men wearing police uniforms could have been faked by people impersonating police officers.
In the 10-second clip, two of the three wore constable uniforms, while the third wore the stripes of a sergeant.

All three were equipped with batons, handguns and walkie-talkies.

They were seen having oral sex and sexual intercourse, during which one "officer" is seen leaning against a wooden chair, with the two others holding him from the front and behind.

In response, police said a preliminary investigation showed there were multiple discrepancies in the trio's uniforms and equipment.

“Police do not rule out the possibility the individuals in the footage were impersonating police officers...We will proceed with the investigation from different angles," the police said.

Police said they were highly concerned about the incident, which is being investigated by the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau.

Police warned people not to publish obscene articles online, saying the internet is not a “lawless virtual world."

“Under the existing laws of Hong Kong, most of the ordinances targeting crime prevention in the real world also apply in the cyber world of the internet,” police said.

“Anyone publishes obscene articles online could have violated Cap. 390 of the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance, which carries a maximum penalty of HK$1 million fine and a three-year imprisonment.”

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