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Saturday, Oct 08, 2022

Police and AFCD capture wild boars at a North Point playground

A large number of cops and officers from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department as well as vets arrived at a North Point playground and captured at least six wild boars on Tuesday.
The operation was discovered by citizens who found a notice at Pak Fuk Road Playground in North Point, saying that the park will be closed from 6pm to 10pm for “special arrangements.”

The crew arrived at the park about 5pm, carrying shield, net, tranquilizer guns and bait. Police had cordoned off the park and stood guard with their shields. Reporters and citizens were not allowed to approach.

As of 7pm, six wild boars had been captured.

The Hong Kong Wild Boar Concern Group on November 20 sent a letter to the department and requested a meeting.

The group said they had received the reply from the department today, which refused to stage a meeting and said the “capture and kill” policy is final after consulting the public and the Wildlife Management Advisory Group.

On November 9, an auxiliary cop was attacked and severely wounded by a boar in Tin Hau. The department announced the “capture and kill” policy three days later. The first operation took place on Shum Wan Road in Wong Chuk Hang, where seven boars were captured and killed.

On Friday last week, a boar was stuck in the fence railing on a road in Tin Hau. Although rescued by firefighters and vets, the boar sustained grave injuries and was euthanized later.

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