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Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021

Patriots may not have the skills to govern

Patriots may not have the skills to govern

Former secretary for transport and housing, Anthony Cheung Bing-leung, said changing the electoral system may not solve the governance quality problem.
Speaking on a TV programme last night, Cheung said that the central government proposed patriots to governance the city is understandable.

However, the change of the electoral system may not enhance the quality of governance and policy, Cheung said.

“From the past operation of the Election Committee, I cannot see that things can change completely and suddenly,” Cheung added.

He stressed that patriots not necessarily have the skills to govern. “There can be many people who love the country, but not many of them can govern.”

He also applied the concept to democrats. "People who support democracy does not mean that they can govern a place well,” Cheung said.

Meanwhile, he pointed out that people in the Election Committee, who have different considerations, may not agree with every government policy.

“The 1,500 people in the Election Committee may not have the same thought on governance,” Cheung said. “They are patriotic, but they also have many interests and concerns. It needs to be solved."

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