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Saturday, Sep 25, 2021

Panda attraction closed at Ocean Park as Ying Ying Le Le tries for another baby

The Giant Panda Adventure at Ocean Park has been temporarily closed to the public as female Ying Ying and male Le Le, both 15 years old, try their luck as they enter their mating season.
Giant Panda Adventure, Ying Ying and Le Le’s Hong Kong home in Ocean Park, will be temporarily closed starting today, to minimize noise and disturbances during their mating attempts.

Ocean Park announced that Ying Ying was confirmed to be entering her mating season, displaying oestrous behaviors since late March such as water play, vocalizations and restlessness.

Le Le’s increased frequency of sniffing Ying Ying’s “scent posts” – objects that had been marked with her scent – further confirmed that peak oestrus of the two giant pandas was approaching, the park said.

The park has now put them together as they believe the peak estrus has hit.

Le Le and Ying Ying moved together to the park in 2007, and had successfully mated naturally for the first time last year after repeated failure and a miscarriage.

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