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Friday, Jul 01, 2022

'Out-of-the-box' thinking urged by Exco convener to tackle three-year rut

'Out-of-the-box' thinking urged by Exco convener to tackle three-year rut

The next administration should think outside the box to address major issues such as the pandemic and border reopening talks, Executive Council convener Bernard Charnwut Chan said.
It must work on Hong Kong's international reputation, which has been tarnished since the 2019 anti-fugitive bill movement, he added.

Chan said yesterday the last three years have been a trying time for Hong Kong.

"The next administration cannot muddle along but has to go overseas and promote the city," he said, adding the challenges the current administration had to face have been "unprecedented."

"People are getting information through unofficial channels, such as social media, while also becoming more narrow-minded this fueled distrust of the government."

Chan said this made it difficult for authorities to enforce policies, adding he "hopes the next administration will be able to effectively disseminate messages to the public."

When asked whether he thinks the next administration will cooperate with the pan-democratic camp and university students to mend the rift, Chan said he believes officials will reach out to work with all members of society.

The news came as a survey conducted by Youth Ideas - a think tank under the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups - found that 67 percent of people view fake news as a severe problem.

After surveying 740 of its members aged between 15 and 34 in March, the think tank found that most see waning confidence in authorities as the reason behind the rise of fake news. However, they were divided on whether the government should legislate against fake news, with 39 percent standing on both sides of the issue.

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