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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Only 4 percent of HKDSE retakers met university admission requirement

Only 4 percent of HKDSE retakers met university admission requirement

The second time is not the charm for many students retaking the Diploma of Secondary Education examinations.
Only 213 among 4,933 re-takers, or 4.3 percent, obtained the "33222"minimum requirement for university admission, statistics on the 2021 HKDSE showed.

But the statistics, published by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority on Thursday, also showed out of the 842 retakers who took the exams in more than five subjects, over 70 percent of them managed to obtain Level 2 or above in five subjects, the minimum requirement for applying for associate degree.

It revealed that 2,349 retakers took the English exam, with 1,925 also retaking the Mathematics Compulsory Part exam. The Chinese exam was taken by 1,762 retakers, while the Liberal Studies exam was taken by 1,045.

Twenty three percent of retakers passed the Chinese exam and 17 percent passed the English exam. But only 8.5 percent and 8.4 percent of re-takers passed the Mathematics and Liberal Studies exams respectively.

A total of 49,976 candidates sat for the 2021 DSE exams, slightly less than the 50,809 last year.
Over 80 percent of this year's candidates were from day schools, who took exams for 6.1 subjects on average. Over 30,000 of them choosing to take the four core subjects plus two elective subjects.

Out of a total of 43,196 candidates who attended the exams for at least five subjects, 18,245 of them satisfied the minimum requirement for university admission, which is to attain level 3 for Chinese and English; level 2 for Mathematics and Liberal Studies and level 2 for one elective. In addition, over 30,000 met the minimum requirement for sub-degree programs admission or civil service appointments.

For candidates obtaining “3322” in the four core subjects and had taken at least five subjects, most of them managed to score 19 to 21 points, while most of those taking at least six subjects achieved 22 to 24 points.

Around 58 percent of all candidates obtained Level 3 or above in the Chinese exam, a slight increase from around 57 percent last year. Around 52 percent obtained Level 3 or above in the English exams, which is similar to last year's statistics.

Around 81 percent of all candidates gained Level 2 or above in the Mathematics exam, similar to last year. Nearly 89 percent obtained Level 2 or above in the Liberal Studies exams, one percent higher than last year.

The number of candidates who got Level 5 or above in five subjects reached 2,211, with 75 of them gaining Level 5** in five subjects.

The statistics also showed the top three most taken elective subjects were Biology, Economics and Chemistry, each of which were taken by over 12,000 candidates.

Chemistry was the elective subjects with the most 5** candidates, with a total of 313 candidates gaining the best grade. The second and third elective subjects with the most 5** candidates were Economics and Physics, with 259 and 256 respectively.

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