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Thursday, Aug 11, 2022

Objective facts proven rule of law in HK is well recognized

Objective facts proven rule of law in HK is well recognized

The new Secretary for Justice, Paul Lam Ting-kwok, wrote in his first official blog that the rule of law is the bedrock of Hong Kong’s success. He added that the primary mission of the Department of Justice is to maintain and promote this core value as it is of crucial importance to Hong Kong.
“Objective facts have proven that the rule of law in Hong Kong is well recognized. My personal experience has also rendered me to have full confidence in the rule of law in Hong Kong.” Lam wrote that in the blog titled “Let’s join hands to uphold the rule of law”.

Lam added that there are people who entertain doubts about the rule of law, and some of them even hold very different views from him. “In the hope of enhancing mutual understandings, I am going to listen patiently and carefully to different voices; and at the same time, express my stance concisely.”

He wrote that the rule of law is not and should not be a difficult and unfathomable concept that only few could understand. “To build a society governed by the rule of law, one of the key requirements is the possession by the general public of a sense of community based on mutual respect, tolerance, willingness to compromise, and self-consciousness to abide by a common set of rules,” he wrote.

“I sincerely invite you all to work together, and to make our home, Hong Kong, a better place,” he concluded in his blog.

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