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Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021

NowTV staff demands govt compensation for police beating

NowTV staff demands govt compensation for police beating

District Court heard that a NowTV staff was beaten by the police when covering the 2014 Occupy Movement despite he wore three press cards on his neck.
The station's engineering staff, Li Siu-lung, filed a claim of compensation against the Department of Justice earlier and the hearing began today.

Li told the court he was covering with his team the Occupy Movement in Mongkok on November 25, 2014.

He said that he wore three press cards on his neck, issued by his employer NowTV, the Legislative Council and the government. He said that he was streaming live TV report at around 9 pm that day and he was carrying equipment including batteries and a ladder. Li explained that the ladder was for him to shoot from a higher angle.

Li denied the accusation that he hit the police with the ladder when he was beaten. He was on the ground beaten by the police, and did nothing to defend himself, he testified.

Afterwards the officers helped Li up and brought him to the side of the street. He first called his colleagues to inform them that he was restrained on the ground and beaten by the officers. He then called 999 and reported the event, saying his head and bones hurt after the assault.

The police arrested Li in the hospital three hours later. The Department of Justice then called Li in late 2015, to inform him that he will not be prosecuted.

Li said after the event he became anxious and terrified easily and he sometimes even had hallucination. He fears police officers and his relationship with his wife and son worsened due to this event.

His situation improved after taking medicine prescribed by the psychiatrist, he said.

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