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Sunday, Jan 17, 2021

New York City Made A Guide To Safe Sex During The Coronavirus Outbreak And People Are Getting A Kick Out Of It

NYC said masturbate or fuck your roommates. “You are your safest sex partner” - obsessed with NYC’s guide to sex during corona. It also offers a warning against rimming ("mouth on anus," FYI) and group sex at this time.

New York City issued an advisory for residents on best practices for sex during the coronavirus outbreak, and it's providing some much-needed guidance - and humor - for people on Twitter.

The guide, issued by the New York City Health Department, advises people on "how to enjoy sex and avoid spreading COVID-19."

"You are your safest sex partner," the advisory notes, and then more or less encourages masturbation (accompanied by proper hand washing technique!).

It also warns against sex with "anyone outside your household" and advises that, well, "the next safest partner is someone you live with."

While the guide is, in the simplest terms, advising people to stick to sex with established partners and halt dating and hookups during the coronavirus crisis, New Yorkers – many of whom live with roommates – are getting a kick out of the recommendations.

Many Twitter users also praised the guidance for being informative, inclusive and pretty realistic about the ways in which a lot of people have sex. "im actually pleasantly surprised by how humanely and compassionately this is written? what a great job". "The Texan in me is blushing, but this sex positive guide from the actual NYC government is SO COOL. It’s inclusive of having multiple partners, sex work, masturbation, & more."  "Amazing document–NYC Health Dept suggestions on how to have–or not have–many types of sex in the COVID-19 era. The clarity and frankness of its language is a tribute to decades of work by HIV/AIDS activists. Saddest part: the guidance to limit kissing."


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